We might find ourselves wondering

Of the things we don’t understand

We might find ourselves crying

yet, we don’t know the reasons why

We might sometimes feel

How a heartache flooded our brains

Because the happiness still remain..


We might caught ourselves unaware

That we’ve done something we don’t want

That we are preoccupied

and which we don’t know how to survive

In the midst of despair we longed to reach a hand

Sometimes, others won’t realize-

Because we are to proud to let it show.


We might find ourselves afraid

We might find ourselves…

In a bed where we can’t sleep

In a chair where we can’t seat

In a car filled with anger

In a field…living a life,

Or in our Home gladly grown.


In any way we find ourselves

each day defines a story

A Book of Ourselves,

where we read our own and others as well.



Each page is our Everyday!



For the next chapters.. we welcome- 2011!


Happy New Year!



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