The New Year’s Book

In the beginning of an end

Optimism could help to start the journey

Without doubtful will and hiding eyes

Near the bridge we will see

Drops of water from the rain

Serve the source of life in harmony.


Just when people remember, it’s the end of a year

Of the time they’ve spent day by day.

And another steps are to be followed

Nothing to worry we should say

Nice things are to come our ways

Accepting the blessedness of the coming year- wholeheartedly.


Really, it matters to include our family

Open arms that we hug their presence

Speaking for love and thank you

Every moment is a healthy living of gratitude

And then in every road we walked; Away from harm.

Leaning on a warm wall of home.


Victory could possibly be..

As we expect in a New Year’s eve

‘ Relieve the sadness in every face

Alive and cheerful people

During each day- Every man’s day.

Owning the night, to prove that there’s no more than joy.


Since the time, which we don’t know

Hearing the noise we are tired of

Enough of the fight we made

Keep the sword of a worthy challenge, yet

Never play with its edge

Offer it to defend the life.


With the valor to forgive we shall rise

Shining! Until the next chapters unfold its page.




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