Smile when surprisingly you are glad

with someone who completes your day

Smile like you’ve gone through a way

of diamonds and golds that shines so bright

like the skies in the night

filled with stars that healed your mind


Smile for all you love, for them you shared your life

Smile is just something we share

A something worth it.


It relieves the aches

It shows the beauty

when we smile



Why do i ask

When the Answer has found its way?

Why would I dare

When in the first Place I was scared?

Why- is the question

yet the answers are far beyond.

Why would I scream

When no one’ s there to listen?


What’s the fear I feel.


Why do I live,

When Someone has to suffer?

Why I am Here?

‘Don’t know exactly…


Who am I?

The Punisher

” Frank Castle, an FBI Agent whose family was murdered…”-calls himself the Punisher.

In certain Extreme Situations

The Law is inadequate

In order to shame its inadequacy

It is necessary to act outside the Law

To pursue Natural Justice.

This is not Vengeance

Revenge is no a Valid Motive

It’s an emotional response

No.. Not Vengeance…


…… I Love this Movie>”,<

Let the Numbers

Let the numbers speak and choose their master

Let the numbers cry and choose their lover

Let the numbers be filled with joy forever

And let them find their real home together.

The thought of breaking the treasured laws of life

is the thought of solving a hard false strife

When we keep on fearing the numbers of dice

We failed to win the vulgar games of chance.

Let the numbers seek and strengthen their faith

Let the numbers forbid their own wrong gate

In order to open a heavenly grave

And rise from the dead to live and save.

When we learn to lead we learn to follow

Far from the Black road casting dark shadows

To lead is to guide with no more sorrows

To follow is to soar an ocean of mallows.

Now, let the numbers express their thank you

For once they met someone like you

To whom they shared they treasured values

A lie on earth which is gladly..hehe..TRUE!

A poem for Madam Jhovy Banania.. I was not able to give to her before I graduated in High School