Justice is Peace

"A girl who seek for justice"      The movie entitled, The Lovely Bones, shows a great deal of inspiration that inspires people… especially me… I love movies that speaks for justice.

An innocent child, 14 years of age was murdered and that her presence as a soul and absence  as a body defines the hardships in seeking for justice. The family is emotionally and psychologically disturbed: they longed to see  her again, however impossible. they know, someone must pay, but definitely they do not know where to find the first step to seek the peace of mind and peace of the spirit. Whenever we hear of cases that discuss justice, the first question is: where and how to find it? A family in search for it goes through a lot of coping and made a lot of ways to forget the unpleasant thing that have happened to them. However, as long as it is missing, nothing is change. the fact that the absence of one of the family members is unknown, anxiety remains.

The only way to relieve the pains is to gain the courage to resolve and face the fears, optimistically saying: Do not give up, never lose the hope that someday all will be placed on its right track. And that seeing the blue horizon is never too far, that the rainbow will bend across the sky, and the ocean will give its ways, The heart will beat and stones will float accordingly placed. the voices of the dead may be followed to find the way out, but should it be more on listening to the singing of emotions that blends with the laughter of the unseen?

Peacefulness, Happiness…. Through tears are expressed. But understanding the cause is never easy when left with no signs but sadness.

HOPE should come in the heart of the courageous one… then solve the puzzled mind through fixing the broken heart..

PEACE for JUSTICE will come.


What gift would you like to anonymously send someone?

Isn’t it wonderful to receive gifts?

but nothing is more inspiring when you’re the one who sent it..

and not expecting to be given the “in returns”


you did it..

because you just love it…

and because everything for goodness  is special…

Though the thought may become frightening for others who do not understand,

Why would they give? is it sincere?


Well, i f I am given the chance to send a present anonymously

i’d choose to send___________: honestly, I do not know yet. 



I need time to think..Hehehe.. have a nice nyt..



Break the Silence-Watch the Cracked Mirrors Theater tour in Denmark..

Break the Silence-Watch the Cracked Mirrors Theater tour in Denmark



I just found out about Stairway Foundation in the Philippines,  their project for marginalized children in the Philippines and their campaign against sex trafficking is remarkable. Visit their website and learn about their project and learn how the sexually abused children’s pain and sufferings through their trilogy cartoon film which is available in DVD and though the theater which  right now in Denmark and at the same time promoting the third part of the trilogy the Red Leaves Falling.break-the-silence-english7-300x277

Child sexual abuse and exploitation is determined by and is a result of demand for sex with children and access to pornographic images of children on the Internet. A significant portion of the demand lies within the Western world. After a successful premiere held last June 2 in Manila, Red Leaves Falling, Stairway’s third animated film about child pornography and child sex trafficking, will make its European debut alongside ”Cracked Mirrors,” a long-running theatre piece that portrays the deep pain and suffering children and young people go through as a result of sexual abuse and sexual exploitataition.

In collaboration with Roedkilde Gymnasium, Stairway Danmark, Kildenothilfe and private sponsors, the Break the Silence Campaign will feature in Denmark, Germany and Belgium. Danish International Development Assistance (Danida) is the main sponsor of the tour.

Cracked Mirror is a monolugue of sexually abused children. It portrays the pain and sufferings of the victims and the effects in their very young lives.

Cracked mirror is a project of Stairway Foundation which is based in the Philippines and was founded by Lars Jorgensen and American Monica Ray. The play is directed by Monica Ray.

Here are the place where you can watched them:

* 12 Sept. Gymnastics School llerup.
Svendborgvej 3, Ollerup, kl. 19:00. Tickets at the entrance. Entrance is free, but the audience will be invited to donate a sum to Stairway.

* 14 Sept. Entre Scenen, Aarhus.
Grønnegade 93 pm. 20:00. Ticket price: £ 110/50/55 Tickets and more info on <a href=”http://www.entrescenen.dk”>www.entrescenen.dk</a>

* 16 Sept. Hørdum Culture Village, Thy
Tårnvej 45, Hørdum pm. 19.30. Tickets at the entrance.

* 17 Sept. Transformer, Aalborg Theater.
Jernbanegade 11 pm. 21:00. Ticket price: 50 kr Tickets and more info on <a href=”http://www.transformatorweb.dk”>www.transformatorweb.dk</a>

* 15 and 18 Sept. Rødkilde Gymnasium, Vejle.
Two public imagined tests in high school, Rødkildevej 42 pm. 19:00. Tickets á 25 kr at the entrance.

* 20 Sept. PH-café in Copenhagen
Specific arrangement of Stairways members and friends, but open to all.
Brunch-at conception. 11:00 – starting at the very idea. 12:00. Tickets at the entrance.
Price DKK 50 incl. brunch but without drinks.

* 22 Sept: “Basement” / Vesterbro Cultural Center, Copenhagen V.
Enghavevej 4 pm. 19.30. Tickets at the entrance or order on 70 222 950.

The tour also includes a series of ‘closed’ performances at the International College in Elsinore, Child &amp; Youth Network in Copenhagen, UUC / Pædagoguddannelsen Hartmannsvej in Hellerup, shipping company J. Lauritzen A / S in Copenhagen and VIA University College / Peter Sabroe Seminary in Aarhus.

Program for the show

* Introduction Project v. Lars Jorgensen, Stairway Foundation Inc.
* Red Leaves Falling. Stairways new animation appears for the first time in Denmark.
Short pause.
* Cracked Mirrors. Monologues about sexual abuse of children.

* Discussion with actors and promoters of Stairway.


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