The Human Behavior

Many plays their roles as effective as possible

Many people worked hard to achieve what is impossible

New trials , New faces, New friendships come across

Whatever the life displays

People changes the ways…

Past and future are very important

But have forgotten the living present

When time relieves the heartaches

The living started to be defeated…

Staying Strong is very hard

It is indeed admirable;

if someone pulls down his flag

and admit to surrender,

It confuses the strangers…

When a friend fails, the other one feels sad

but when a friend reach the top, the other one


The mystery beyond the thoughts

are as deep as words of views

ButĀ unveilingĀ its image

is like

ceasing yourself…

It is YOURS to decide…

when clearness of the eyes made you realize!


No need to worry

Look on the bright side of every day

the dawn that brings sunshine

the millions of faces smiling

the blessedness of the day.


Look on the bright side of every gloom

the pleasure of crying

the cleansed it brings

hearing the bells that says ” there’s another day”


Look on the bright side of everything

the happiness it brings

though there’s no root on its end

remember how gladness arise


Gratitude for every meal

likewise for every friend

And for the family

be glad cause they were here.


No need to worry in every way


God had lead us through His ways


It’s for you to follow.



Smile when surprisingly you are glad

with someone who completes your day

Smile like you’ve gone through a way

of diamonds and golds that shines so bright

like the skies in the night

filled with stars that healed your mind


Smile for all you love, for them you shared your life

Smile is just something we share

A something worth it.


It relieves the aches

It shows the beauty

when we smile


Why do i ask

When the Answer has found its way?

Why would I dare

When in the first Place I was scared?

Why- is the question

yet the answers are far beyond.

Why would I scream

When no one’ s there to listen?


What’s the fear I feel.


Why do I live,

When Someone has to suffer?

Why I am Here?

‘Don’t know exactly…


Who am I?

Let the Numbers

Let the numbers speak and choose their master

Let the numbers cry and choose their lover

Let the numbers be filled with joy forever

And let them find their real home together.

The thought of breaking the treasured laws of life

is the thought of solving a hard false strife

When we keep on fearing the numbers of dice

We failed to win the vulgar games of chance.

Let the numbers seek and strengthen their faith

Let the numbers forbid their own wrong gate

In order to open a heavenly grave

And rise from the dead to live and save.

When we learn to lead we learn to follow

Far from the Black road casting dark shadows

To lead is to guide with no more sorrows

To follow is to soar an ocean of mallows.

Now, let the numbers express their thank you

For once they met someone like you

To whom they shared they treasured values

A lie on earth which is gladly..hehe..TRUE!

A poem for Madam Jhovy Banania.. I was not able to give to her before I graduated in High School


When the sun appears in the corner of my bed

and lit the darkness which I fear

I’d love to realize that someone is there

To Comfort..

Near me..


When the Breakfast is served

and has strengthen my body

Someone will whisper and say it to me



Words I longed to hear.

And my day would be complete

For I know that someone would be there

Someone who would make me happy.

In this life where I live

In this world where I stay…

Soon He will find me…

The New Year’s Book

In the beginning of an end

Optimism could help to start the journey

Without doubtful will and hiding eyes

Near the bridge we will see

Drops of water from the rain

Serve the source of life in harmony.


Just when people remember, it’s the end of a year

Of the time they’ve spent day by day.

And another steps are to be followed

Nothing to worry we should say

Nice things are to come our ways

Accepting the blessedness of the coming year- wholeheartedly.


Really, it matters to include our family

Open arms that we hug their presence

Speaking for love and thank you

Every moment is a healthy living of gratitude

And then in every road we walked; Away from harm.

Leaning on a warm wall of home.


Victory could possibly be..

As we expect in a New Year’s eve

‘ Relieve the sadness in every face

Alive and cheerful people

During each day- Every man’s day.

Owning the night, to prove that there’s no more than joy.


Since the time, which we don’t know

Hearing the noise we are tired of

Enough of the fight we made

Keep the sword of a worthy challenge, yet

Never play with its edge

Offer it to defend the life.


With the valor to forgive we shall rise

Shining! Until the next chapters unfold its page.





We might find ourselves wondering

Of the things we don’t understand

We might find ourselves crying

yet, we don’t know the reasons why

We might sometimes feel

How a heartache flooded our brains

Because the happiness still remain..


We might caught ourselves unaware

That we’ve done something we don’t want

That we are preoccupied

and which we don’t know how to survive

In the midst of despair we longed to reach a hand

Sometimes, others won’t realize-

Because we are to proud to let it show.


We might find ourselves afraid

We might find ourselves…

In a bed where we can’t sleep

In a chair where we can’t seat

In a car filled with anger

In a field…living a life,

Or in our Home gladly grown.


In any way we find ourselves

each day defines a story

A Book of Ourselves,

where we read our own and others as well.



Each page is our Everyday!



For the next chapters.. we welcome- 2011!


Happy New Year!