Blessings are everywhere, I can find them in whatever I do and wherever I go…

It has been a long time since I opened this account in wordpress and I guess I’ve been really busy doing a lot of great things.

I was able to graduate from college, I had took the board examination for social workers, attended the Oath taking for the passers, got my license- Oh my license- the fruit of my labor, and got my first job at Department of Social Welfare and Development-FOV- Philippines as a City Link of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (Conditional Cash Transfer). And presently still enjoying it. So proud of the choices that I have done, and although I still have seizures, I am glad that I have learned to manage myself that it is not affecting my performance and efficiency at work.

I can’t imagine how far I’ve travel in this life, though I know I have too much yet to learn, God indeed know my heart’s desires even before I asked it to Him, sometimes, really, I feel unworthy of these gifts. But instead of denying it, ‘just gonna accept and also be a blessing for others…

…Every time I am travelling on an hour ride home, while seated on a van, I can’t keep myself to be amaze of the great things God gave all His people. but it just sadden me that we missed to notice these things. In our daily lives, we’re too in a hurry to listen to winds’ music, we became too loud to appreciate the silence of the twilight, with hectic schedules and stress and sometimes we’re just too proud. Why can’t we be contented?

Anyway, if one day all people would be able to understand what I am saying, indeed everyone will have a better living, better society- all cares for one another, with respect to the envirjoan of artonment and will appreciate blessings in every single way.

…If one day, you find yourself on the edge of breaking, try to just take a seat, think of nothing negative, count your blessings and surely you’ll find peace…like I did.